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AC Mauger Small Works were the main contractor for the project at St Johns Recreation Centre.

The contracted works including extending the centre with a new build extension for the youth club and constructing new football changing rooms on the recreation centre grounds that are FA Football Foundation compliant. The works also encompassed refurbishments to the existing youth centre including new ceilings, flooring and electrics and redecoration.

The project team included AC Mauger Small Works, Godel Architects, Beaumont Structural Consultants and HLG Associates Ltd who all worked closely with the St Johns Recreation Centre management team throughout the process.

A priority of the project was to allow the centre and all its user groups to continue actively operating throughout the redevelopment and new build process. Careful control of the security of the building was of paramount importance in order to protect the general public and the children who were visiting and using the adjoining building and the grounds during the course of the works.

As the new youth centre extension is directly linked to the existing building, AC Mauger Small Works and the project team had to carefully plan and organise the working conditions to keep the two areas separate and ensure safety on site. AC Mauger have a policy of making Health and Safety the first item on their agenda, bringing it to the forefront of weekly site meetings and liaised regularly with the Centre management team, ensuring that questions and concerns could be discussed and actioned accordingly.

A challenging aspect to the project was the construction of the new roof to the extension which had to be linked to the existing roof the centre ensuring that there was no water ingress during this process.

As the new youth centre began to take shape, AC Mauger kept a strong hand on security with the site manager Gary De Ste Croix liaising closely with the centre management team and sub-contractors to ensure that workers could move freely around the site whilst remaining aware of the safety issues that were present both for those on site and for the public and children using the St Johns Recreation Centre facilities.

These restrictions also required careful coordination of mechanical plant and delivery of materials to ensure that work could be done when required without causing more than minimal access or parking problems for the members and users.

 “Managing the health and safety aspects of working in a busy, popular recreation site was challenging,” said Steve Romeril, Managing Director for AC Mauger Small Works, “We had to maintain segregation between the centre users and live working areas whilst still continuing to provide constant access to the centre and the grounds throughout the 20 week modernisation programme”.