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34 weeks

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Plat Douet School


The project at Plat Douet School comprised the construction of two new classrooms and alterations to enhance the existing school.

The project also included a large element of external works including improvements to and the extension of the playgrounds.

The project had a challenging aspect as the buildings were constructed during term time. All deliveries and movement of plant had to be conducted during agreed hours and were always escorted through the school grounds by an experienced banksman.

Specialist materials were procured from the UK and the logistical programme to ensure these materials arrived on island was managed tightly by the AC Mauger team through some pretty inclement weather, ensuring the project was completed within the agreed contract period and budget.

The project included modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical installations with passive ventilation on the classrooms.The boiler modifications had to be carried out during half term and school holidays to ensure that the heating would be available to all the classrooms during term time. All testing and commissioning was also carried out after hours.

Mike Higginson of Jersey Property Holdings said "we were extremely pleased with the quality of the building and the handling of the contract in general. The liaison of AC Mauger Small Works with the school was particularly commendable and what could have been a difficult contract due to its inaccessibility was managed very well".

Paul Ellison, Chartered Surveyor for Waitrose also complimented the team on their handling of the project, the site of which lies adjacent to the Waitrose store. "Site management during the project was exemplary. There were no issues with disturbance or nuisance and Waitrose were able to operate their supermarket thoughout the build without any issue. Communication between the site manager and store was excellent throughout. The completed project is a credit to AC Mauger Small Works".

AC Mauger worked closely with Waitrose and there was agreement for access to the site from the store carpark. The agreement for access was supported in return for community benefit, including amenity improvements to landscaping and to reduce distrubance to the school.