Le Petit Champeaux

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Le Petit Champeaux


 Le Petit Champeaux is a family home – but it is one with a difference.

A new build above fields and National Trust land in St Clement the project married together specialist building techniques and contemporary design with the need to provide a comfortable, practical home for its owners.

AC Mauger Special Projects were appointed as the main contractors with their ability to offer a one-to-one personalised service and worked closely with Axis Mason who produced the designs for the building and the landscape architecture.

In its rural setting, the project required the construction team to work closely with the Planning Department to ensure the requirements of working in a green zone environment were always met.

In order to enable the approach road to remain open for the duration of the year long contract, Special Projects also worked closely with the parish authorities and service companies.

Le Petit Champeaux is an interesting construction which brings together a mix of materials and elevations. It combines granite, white insulated render, glass, timber and metal. The roofs are slate with concealed gutters to streamline their profile.

On the north side of the building a feature granite wall has been constructed to recreate the appearance of a country barn.

Sister company Style Windows installed the glazing elements to the property including vertical curtain wall glazing with aluminium Brise Soleil sun-shading louvres, large bi-folding doors to the garden and a 10 meter long flat rooflight, which provides significant lighting to the bedroom areas.

Externally landscaping included space for parking, a safe play area, a formal garden, patio areas with LED lighting inset into the paving and a tank sunk beneath the property for rainwater harvesting.

Internally, the property features extensive living space married with technology and energy saving features such as low energy lighting, bathroom taps with measured water supply and
a wet electric underfloor system powered by an air source heat pump.

All in all a project which stands out from many others both for its innovation and design. It required comprehensive project management and specialist skills and the result of both is a beautiful property which more than fulfils its role as a family home as well as offering state-of-the-art technology,