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Construction of a new grandstand and clubhouse pavilion for Jersey Rugby Club.

As a sporting facility a number of special factors had to be taken into account at the start of the construction process to make sure that the materials used would stand up to the battering they would have to withstand.

The works on the pavilion included a metal roofing system that will take the hits it is likely to get from rugby balls and similarly, the windows of the pavilion are made of a special toughened glass.

The grandstand was an especially interesting project for AC Mauger Special Projects to work on. The stand and seating were installed by UK Arena Seating who arrived in Jersey and had their job done the same day and the actual stand was put up in just six hours, with the seats in and ready to be externally cladded.

The new buildings have been finished with a timber cladding which has been painted green to ensure that it is in keeping with its surroundings and is aesthetically pleasing.

This project needed to be completed in a tight time frame so was subject to careful planning so that each task would slot into place and that sub-contractors were able to complete work to the required deadlines. The timely supply of materials from Style Windows, Normans and Romerils ensured that sub-contractors were able to complete their works on time.