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Energy from Waste Combined Works


This award winning project comprised the construction of a plant store followed by the installation of 15 No. bespoke working platforms all within the existing and fully operational Energy from Waste facility, La Collette.

The new building comprised a three storey structural steel frame fixed to an existing concrete floor at 8 metre level. The frame was clad in single skin sheeting incorporating flashings and ancillaries. Purpose made doorsets were installed on all levels. Structural steel was coated in intumescent paint. Mechanical and electrical installation comprised lighting, data points linked into the existing IT network within the facility. Ventilation created a positive pressure within the building so that the items stored within this store will be kept dust free. Further works within this contract were surveying, manufacture and installation of 15 No. bespoke working platforms to assist maintenance on various elements of this Plant. All works to both the Plant Store and platforms were executed while the plant was in full operation with inherent dangers of moving machinery, super-heated steam and logistical restrictions.

The difficulties in constructing the plant store building were that the works were at high level with a very tight space for the crane to be established. This then put a restriction on the size of crane used and this had a resultant effect on the reach of the crane that could be used. All structural steel was lifted into place over live conveyor belts transporting the hot ash from the incinerator. Another difficulty and challenge was the fact that the three storey steel staircase was suspended from the top of the building and as such had to be constructed in reverse order, sequencing together with the balance of the structure and tying in with existing levels.

There were also numerous live services such as water, gas and super-heated steam, and our instructions from our client were to protect these services at all time. The plant store building had to interface with the existing cladding, and great care and attention had to be given to avoid damage to the façade. Mechanical and Electrical services were linked to existing electrical, ventilation, fire detection and IT Services in the main administration building.

All structural steel was painted in-situ to achieve a fire rating. The new concrete slabs at 12m and 16m levels were poured on permanent formwork. Transportation of the concrete to the discharge points was a huge challenge and the flexible pipes from the concrete pump were taken up the side of the existing building, through a personnel door and then along the existing slab to the point of discharge on the 12m level. The 16m level slab was even more challenging, as a gantry ramp had to be constructed to allow the concrete pump pipe to reach this level.

The surveying for the manufacture of the bespoke platforms had to take place over live machinery and services, and had to be extremely accurate. Once the steelwork had been manufactured and hot dip galvanised, the platforms had to be put together in their final places while the plant was fully operational. As a testament to the team involved, all items fitted perfectly, and the assembly went without a hitch. The proximity to live machinery, hot ash, live services and super-heated steam could have made these operations very difficult and extremely challenging and dangerous.

All works were completed on time and within budget. The combined effort of the Energy from Waste Team, the Project Manager and his Team, the Project Team from AC Mauger Small Works and all sub-contractors involved delivered a successful and high quality end product for our client.