Todays working space redefined.

Style Office is an independent dealership, specialising in the planning and design of offices and other workspaces, including the supply, installation and maintenance of office furniture, seating and storage.

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The Co-Operative


After years of tracking this project Style Office were invited onto the tender list which was subsequently won. The Co-op planned to consolidate their three existing departments into one new building. Their IT base was at Beaumont, Marketing and Directors at St Peter while the Administration office was based at the old office in Charing Cross.

Our brief was to provide a modern colourful office environment that allowed all three departments to work efficiently as one. The office needed to be functional and flexible but at the same time offer a bright and inviting place to work.

Working with Siobhann McLeod of Axis Mason and Julie Shingle from the Co-Op, Style Office carefully put together the furniture for each area of the business. Steelcase FrameOne benching was chosen as the main desking, making full use of the central screen which was configured to hold the monitor arms and paper trays to maximise the working space. Managers and Directors used the individual FrameOne workstations and all staff members sit on the Steelcase Reply Air chairs which were chosen after an internal selection process that saw them trial a number of different chairs.

Storage was a particular area of concern with each area having their own special requirements. Marketing and HR were especially paper hungry and required a large amount of lockable storage to maintain confidentiality. Bisley was chosen to supply the free standing units with many units supplied in the Co-op own special colour choice to help these blend into the overall design of the office. Recycling units were also included in each area, close to print areas to help maintain the Co-Op’s green initiative.

Ecospace provided the mobile storage unit which was installed on the 2nd floor. This also included lockable doors to certain confidential areas and the whole mobile unit is hidden away in its own room ensuring it does not encroach on the open plan areas.

Two reception areas were planned. The main reception on the ground floor uses Allermuir Dandy chairs upholstered in the Co-op colours with glass tables . While on the second floor the client reception was furnished with Le Corbusier style armchairs in white leather together with glass tables to give a plush, relaxed and friendly environment.

Staff have been well looked after with the Barcode breakout area that offers a homely and colourful area to eat and relax. Careful attention was paid here and a number of different suppliers were use to provide the look they wanted. In the dining area Actiu Dizzy tables were accompanied by Vitra Pantone chairs all in white to give a crisp and clean look. In the breakout area Allermuir Pebbles with differing fabrics were mixed with Allermuir Venus chairs as well the LEM stool from La Palma and serves well as an informal meeting point or somewhere to just grab a coffee and relax for a few minutes.

The boardroom presented the biggest challenge as the main boardroom and connecting meeting room needed to be flexible enough to cater for their board meeting of up to 32 people but also allow use of the room for seminars, accommodating up to 70 people. A folding wall separated the two rooms most of the time and we therefore provided a table in six sections with three larger sections in the main boardroom and two smaller units in the second room. A spare section is kept in the boardroom storage area and joins all the sections together when the joining wall is folded back making a table 9.6 metres long. But it didn’t stop there. Each tables has a back painted glass centre section with oak veneered leafs on either side that fold to allow the tables to be easily reconfigured or even removed from the room entirely. All tables also carry full AV equipment allowing the Co-Op a wide range of AV solutions.

Due to the high level of AV required Style Office also supplied a bespoke media wall to match the table. This unit discreetly houses all the AV hardware together with fridge and mobile AV units for smaller presentations. Doors that disappear into the carcass of the unit ensure a clean and neat look to the units even when open. To mimic the table we again used back painted glass mixed with Oak veneers to give a uniform look throughout the room. To complement this, the Girsberger Corpo conference chair was chosen. With its woven backrest, polished chrome frame and leather seat it finishes the room off perfectly.

All in all a great result was achieved and the staff now has a modern, inviting and functional office in which to work.