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Style Office News | Style Office – helping Guernsey companies to become greener

Style Office – helping Guernsey companies to become greener


Style Office has recently announced the expansion to Guernsey of a unique scheme that has already been a huge success in Jersey. Director Paul Watson explains more.

In July last year Style Office launched an office furniture recycling scheme in Jersey and as a Channel Islands company we have been working hard to extend this fantastic initiative to Guernsey.

As a company which specialises in the supply and installation of office furniture and space planning, we were only too aware of how many offices in the Channel Islands have been refurbished. We were concerned that usable furniture was being dumped which was having a significant impact on the environment.

Calculations show that the average office worker ‘owns’ approximately 0.25 tonnes of office furniture including desk, chair, storage and a share of meeting room and reception furniture. If this were to be disposed of in landfill, it would account for the release of approximately 375kg of carbon into the atmosphere. If the office furniture from an office of 100 workers were to be recycled, then approximately 37.5 tonnes of “locked in” carbon emissions could be saved.

Style Office has a policy of promoting environmentally friendly practices and we actively market office furniture which is made from recycled or recyclable materials. But we felt there was more we could do and since July last year we have been working with UK furniture recycling company Green-works.

Green-works is a not for profit organisation which processes, reuses and recycles unwanted office furniture at their depots in London and around the country. Green-works accepts all office furniture, in any condition, including chairs, notice boards, desks, safes, pictures, fire extinguishers, lamps, heaters and even waste bins.

The company guarantees that nothing ends up in landfill and what cannot be reused is recycled. Reusable furniture is refurbished or remanufactured and sold at very low rates to charities, schools, community groups and hospitals. Green-works also provides employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups as well as creating jobs in deprived areas.

We have also joined forces with the States of Guernsey who have identified a permanent site for us to leave a container, which has been loaned by Ferryspeed who will be transporting the furniture to the UK. Our clients pay for the removal of the furniture with processing and shipping costs being passed on at cost.

The first container is now in place and we hope that Guernsey companies will make use of this opportunity. It is well known that Mont Cuet has a limited lifespan and so all of us have an important part to play in reducing our carbon footprint by evaluating what happens to the waste we produce. There is no doubt that this is by far the best option for companies as it allows them to make a serious contribution to their environmentally friendly efforts as well as demonstrate their corporate and social responsibility.

In addition to the environmental benefits of this scheme, Style Office is also committed to helping the local community. For every container of furniture shipped to Green-works from Guernsey, Style Office will donate £250 to Les Bourgs Hospice and for every container from Jersey, the same amount will be given to Jersey Hospice. We have already donated more than £3,000 to the Jersey Hospice and hope that both of these extremely worthwhile charities will continue to benefit.