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Acoustics in the Workplace


In our quest to help people create great places to work, Style Office hosted a CPD approved seminar in conjunction with Screen Solutions on Sound Control: Acoustics in the Workplace.

This was held at the Pomme D'Or Hotel for facilities and property managers and the design community.

The behaviour of sound and acoustics within the working environment is often overlooked but as anyone who works in an open plan office can tell you - noise can cause high levels of stress and affect performance. A staggering 70% of workers said they could be more productive in a less noisy office environment. ASID study.

The Acoustics in the Workplace seminar, presented by Mark Stevens of Screen Solutions, showed how design, layout and new technologies can play an important role in shaping the acoustic landscape of the workplace and can result in increased productivity as well as creating a more comfortable environment.

Style Office have been made exclusive partners to Screen Solutions Acoustic Comfort here in Jersey and will be working together to provide a consultative approach to indentifying and solving acoustic issues in the workplace.

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