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Style Group News | Jersey Construction Council awards Community Award to AC Mauger

Jersey Construction Council awards Community Award to AC Mauger


AC Mauger Construction is celebrating scooping the Jersey Construction Council Community Award for its Channel Television programme, ‘Work in Progress’.

The construction company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2007, launched the TV programme in a bid to undertake a project that would benefit the community as well as offer a group of construction students the chance to gain some invaluable work experience.

Joe Kent, Managing Director, AC Mauger Construction, commented: ‘We at AC Mauger Construction recognise that our industry plays a role in benefiting the local community while in turn the community benefits our industry. It was because of this that in 2007, when we, one of the longest established building contractors in Jersey celebrated our 60th anniversary, decided the time was right to undertake a significant project that would really benefit the community.’

Early in 2007 AC Mauger, part of the Style Group of companies, identified that the company had the skills-set to renovate or re-build a community building, garden or facility and that the company would look to identify a group which needed this kind of assistance but could not afford to purchase it.

With an additional objective of offering some benefit to youngsters in or looking to enter the construction industry AC Mauger linked up with Highlands College. Working with Channel Television the project team set about recruiting the community group or project. Centre Point Trust Nursery at Rope Walk was selected by the team after a difficult decision making process.

‘The renovation of the outdoor play areas used by the young children who benefit from the Centre Point service appealed to AC Mauger. The play areas were very run down and had been subject to repeated vandalism. The garden was, in January when we first visited, reduced to a muddy pool with a few cobbled together pieces of play equipment. The team had done their best to provide a nice outdoor space for the kids but with no money, it was unusable and in some areas unsafe.

We went to visit the children and asked them what they would like to see in their new garden and set about including as many of their ideas as possible. We commissioned a landscape architect to draw up the plans and then set about approaching various suppliers to assist with the materials required. We decided to focus not only on the main garden area, but also on two further outdoor areas. We also decided to install safety lights which would be triggered by movement should any vandals try to cause any damage,’ added Mr Kent.

Amanda Cotillard, Centre Point Nursery, Rope Walk, concluded: ‘We were lucky enough to have our gardens completely redeveloped in April 2008 by AC Mauger who generously donated their time, tools, expertise and effort to the project. Those involved listened carefully to what was needed and used the children’s ideas to help create their vision. The workers were brilliant with the children, using plans they had drawn up of the garden to base their own plans on. The end product was amazing and the children love it. We had a big opening day and the children were so excited when they could finally play in the garden they had watched take shape over the last week. The children can’t get enough of their garden and are out there rain or shine. The planters are in use all year round and the children tend to the plants, fruit and vegetables themselves. The children are actively involved in planting, watering tending to, picking and inevitably eating the produce. A big thank you to all those involved at AC Mauger for making the children’s dreams a reality.’

Although ‘Work in Progress’ was AC Mauger’s flagship community project in 2007/2008 the company also takes part in and implements community initiatives wherever and whenever possible. In 2007, AC Mauger also developed and implemented the ‘Keep safe. Stay off Sites’ campaign to educate youngsters as to them dangers of playing on building sites. Ongoing projects undertaken by AC Mauger also include working with St Helier in Bloom and taking part in the annual Clean up the World weekend. As part of the Style Group, AC Mauger also sponsors the St John Kerbside Recycling Scheme and supports its sister company, Style Office in its Green Works Furniture Recycling Project.