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Airport Project


A C Mauger Construction has won the contract to build a £6 million air traffic control building and tower at Jersey Airport.

Work commenced on the 13 October and the building and tower is expected to take 53 weeks to complete. This will be followed by a further six months of internal works for the fit out of equipment and for staff training before the facility becomes fully operational.

The project is expected to be ready in the second quarter of 2010, when the current air traffic facilities will be demolished so that the arrivals area can be redeveloped.
The principal building will be two storeys high with a mixture of faced blockwork and aluminium curved rainscreen cladding on the 39-metre tower.

The main shaft of the tower will be constructed using the slipform method which involves a continuously moving shutter and concrete pour. The slide is expected to last 5 days and 4 nights with 2x12 hour shifts. This type of construction is predominantly used for its speed over more traditional methods and is rarely used in the island.

The rest of the work is predicted to take place during daylight hours, and no disruption to passengers or flights is expected.

The A C Mauger Team at the Control Tower are:

  • Simon Smith – Site Manager 
  • Steven Nicholson – Site Engineer 
  • James Holmes – Assistant Foreman 
  • Joe Kent – Quantity Surveyor 
  • Tim Marsh – Contracts Manager