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Style Homes properties are created with you in mind. Our homes are uniquely designed and magnificently located, built to the highest specification and complimenting their surroundings.

Why buy new?

Why buy new?

New builds offer an excellent investment opportunity as well as modern, well designed and equipped homes for the growing family. Some of the advantages are obvious, some you may never have considered:

  • High economy construction and heating – our new homes are built to high standards to ensure that they are as energy efficient as they can be using modern building techniques and energy efficient heating systems. This means lower bills and an environmentally friendly, warmer home.
  • Up-to-date appliances with guarantees – whatever appliances come with your new home, you can rest assured they are from a current manufacturer’s product range and come with guarantees. Peace of mind from clean, reliable and efficient appliances.
  • Double glazing in low maintenance windows – we include double glazing windows which are low maintenance for greater security and maintenance costs.
  • After sales service – we can respond quickly to any minor works that may be required up to two years following purchase.
  • Better use of space – the architects we employ create superb accommodation that meets today’s lifestyle needs. This means maximum useable space, all properly proportioned and in the right place.
  • More bathrooms – traditionally many older properties only included one bathroom. Today most of our properties include at least two bathrooms (one house and one ensuite); no more fighting for the bathroom n the morning!
  • Sparkling new from day one – everything is new from fittings to paintwork which means you have nothing to do but move in.
  • Low maintenance – the only thing left to do is to decorate to your taste, which means more leisure time and no unnecessary additional costs.
  • Prestige of new – there is always something special about buying a brand new home.