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AC Mauger Construction are able to take on projects of all sizes within any element of the industry and have a proven and highly successful track record throughout the island. We deliver our projects on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

Company History

Company History

The firm was originally known as Mauger & Treussard, founder members being Mr A C Mauger and Mr F Treussard who commenced trading in 1947.

It was a small firm, which operated from the back yard of Sunwin, St Peter, Mr Mauger’s residence. A joinery shop was built in the back yard, employing 5-6 joiners, which kept in operation until the firm moved to new premises in Rue Fondon in the 70’s

Mauger & Treussard employed approximately 20 men, all direct employees of varying trades, carrying out extensions of houses, new houses, joinery and decoration works.

The company was reformed in 1962, and became A C Mauger & Son Ltd, founder members being Mr A C Mauger and Mr Eric Mauger.

The size of the firm gradually increased and by 1982 employing 130 men.

AC Mauger & Son Ltd was the first building company in Jersey to have it’s own excavator and also a skip lorry.

It was also the first company to have radio controlled lorries and vans.

The first project undertaken was at Randall’s Brewery in 1964-65, where a new bottling hall was undertaken.

The Honourable Edward Greenall, owner of Randall’s Brewery, continued to employ Mauger & Son carrying out alterations to pubs and new builds, eg. Oaklands Hotel & Restaurant and The Royal, St Martins.

One particular fast track project undertaken was the New Mediterranean Nightclub, bar & restaurant and staff quarters. The contract period was 14 weeks, and was carried out during a very cold winter. The job was completed on time, even though everyone said it was impossible, works being completed in 1968/69.

Unfortunately, Mr A C Mauger died unexpectedly from leukemia in 1972, and was never able to see and enjoy the full development of the company.

The firm continued and took on even larger contracts, eg. The Jersey Pottery, Ann Street flats, Social Security’s new headquarters, Clos du Rivage Gorey, Links Court flats and in 1982 Cyril Le Marquand House, a very large project at the time.

In 1982, The Style Group acquired AC Mauger & Son Ltd and the group has continued to develop even further up until the present day.