Le Squez Phase 2c


Dyson & Buesnel




73 weeks

AC Mauger Construction Projects | Le Squez Phase 2c

Le Squez Phase 2c


Le Squez 2c comprises of 10 one bedroom flats, 9 two bedroom flats, 2 three bedroom flats and 3 three bedroom houses, together with a communal courtyard with planted areas and seating.

Carl Scott, AC Mauger Site Manager at Le Squez, said that the project had run well, especially after the difficult start, due to the adverse weather conditions experienced. He says, "Our brief from the client was to create fit for purpose social housing as well as building several units that have been specially designed for people with disabilities and those with special needs."

The project was a challenging one due to various patches of bad weather that could have impacted on the programme. The single block insulated render system is a waterproof system, however insulated render cannot be laid in wet weather so Carl and the team had to work around the weather ensuring the block work could dry and the project stay on schedule.