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AC Mauger Construction News | Work completes at Clos de Paradis AC Mauger Construction News | Work completes at Clos de Paradis AC Mauger Construction News | Work completes at Clos de Paradis AC Mauger Construction News | Work completes at Clos de Paradis
AC Mauger Construction News | Work completes at Clos de Paradis

Work completes at Clos de Paradis


AC Mauger Construction has recently completed a contract to build fourteen new units and refurbish eight homes at Clos de Paradis in La Pouquelaye, St Helier.

The contract for the project ran from March 2012 to February 2013 - a period of 50 weeks.

The project team included Andrew d'Avoine from Morris Architects, structural engineer Rob O'Brien of Rothwells and quantity surveyor Mark Lion of Colin Smith Partners.

Each of the eight refurbished houses was completely overhauled and each was fitted with new roofing, windows, internal walls, flooring, doors and staircases. The homes also received new kitchens, bathrooms and built-in storage and insulated render was added to each of the properties. Externally, two storey extensions were added to the rear of the houses together with works to the gardens, paving, brick paved driveways, garden walls, entrance canopies, metering systems, new electrics, plumbing and fencing.

As the tenants remained living at Clos de Paradis throughout the project, the team constantly strove to make the tenants part of the experience rather than just living on a building site.

AC Mauger project manager Tim Marsh was the primary point of contact for all the residents and made his site office available for them to visit and meet with him to discuss any issues or concerns.

Along with Morris Architects and the Clos de Paradis Trust, AC Mauger provided careful and frequent communication with the existing residents to inform them of the nature of the works and how it may affect them as the project progressed. "We were all working to ensure that the project ran smoothly and the end result was a much improved living environment" said Tim Marsh.

A further fourteen units in three different house types were built new as part of the redevelopment of the estate. The entrance to the estate was completely revamped with several retaining granite faced walls and granite pillars installed to allow easier access from La Pouquelaye.

This work was carried out during the summer holidays of 2012 and involved L Pouquelaye road being closed for the duration. It was imperative to complete this work during a limited time frame so careful planning, with started more than four months before commencement, was required by the project team.

To create a new 90 metre long curved wall in close proximity to many of the houses, AC Mauger needed to work in some of the occupied gardens. Working space was fenced off to provide privacy for the tenants and safety on site.

Another aspect of the project was  the installation of new infrastructure to service the estate; new mains drainage, electricity mains cables and a new substation, new water mains and new telecom cables. Again, careful planning was required as this work was carried out in the roads of the estate and access for tenants and emergency vehicles needed to be maintained at all times.

This was coupled with the challenge of maintaining existing services to the houses whilst installing new services - a lengthy and difficult process.

In addition, a new road layout was created, new footpaths added, new street lighting installed, landscaping to the communal areas and protection of existing trees around the estate.

The project has proved to be an undoubted success, providing residents with a modern, new look estate to call home.