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AC Mauger Construction News | Project of the Year 2012

Project of the Year 2012


AC Mauger were delighted to win Project of the Year over £1M with Lakeside Manor Care Home at the JeCC Construction Awards in September.

Lakeside Manor Care Home for Barchester Healthcare stands apart from many other developments in Jersey not only because it is a landmark project of the highest qualtiy but  also because it proves an essential, specialist element to the island's care infrastructure. Lakeside is needed today but it will become even more important in the future as the island's demographics change and the population ages.

Lakeside Manor provides for the treatment and care of people with dementia. It is a complementary addition to the neighbouring Lakeside Residential Home on the same site on Rue de la Commune.

Designed by Robert Adam in partnership with local architect Rob Williams of JS Livingston Architectural Services, Lakeside Manor is an understated classical building with considered detailing and careful proportioning that has been designed around the needs of its users - residents and staff who form the Lakeside Manor community.

The Lakeside Manor project was recognised as a complex one with many challenges and changing client demands. To overcome these within the 70 weeks that construction was scheduled to last, all of the businesses and individuals involved need to work closely together as a team, whilst paying attention to the quality and speed of work and ensuring that health and safety remained top priorities throughout the development period.

The development consisted of three adjoining buildings: North Pavilion, South Pavilion and between the two, the main building.

The end result is an award winning, flagship care home for Barchester Healthcare - their most highly specified and large scale project to date.

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