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Back to Work


AC Mauger supports Back to Work schemes.

James Joseph, Managing Director of AC Mauger Construction was pleased to recently highlight the success of their partnership with Government schemes Back to Work and Advance to Work.

In the past 22 months, AC Mauger has accepted 20 people from the schemes and he believes that it is both a stimulus to the islands economy and a valuable way for the business to test the current labour market.

James said "The Back to Work schemes have proved a real asset for us. Our early concerns about the quality of candidates we were likely to be allocated were very quickly allayed when the first one came through the door. We have found the candidates keen to learn and experience work in the industry."

Kyle Davis (18), who joined the Advance to Work scheme after struggling to find work after leaving school, got a placement at AC Mauger and having now completed a college course is fully employed by the company. Kyle is just one example of of a committed youngster keen to enter the industry and AC Mauger were delighted to be able to take him on fulltime and supported his continued professional development through Highlands College.

Kyle is pictured above flanked by Francis Le Gresley, Social Security Minister, James Joseph of AC Mauger and Marc Burton of Jersey Construction Council.